Web design with just the right combination of beauty, brains, AND user-friendlyness.

CO's founder and lead designer has over 15 years of design experience.

Wanauma is a web designer, content creator, and work lifestyle creator.

It's not always just about design; it's about connections and understanding the client's underlying purpose. They don't just want a website to sell products or services or offer information, they want one that tells a story.


What's yours?

Our First Date


Hello, by Phone or Over Coffee

We'll have a conversation about your business and what you'd like to accomplish.


We're a Match Made in Heaven

If we're a good match, we'll gather the details for your project. There's some brainstorming involved.


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

It's time to design a winning website through a well-thought-out strategy focused on reaching your goals.



Web Design


We're website designers. We deliver a customer-centric hub that will improve the experiences people have with your brand.


Google Optimization


We help you utilize all of the Google tools and resources that will help your business position itself online.


Social Media Design 


Improve your social media presence by launching a consistent brand image across all social channels.

Design Principles




The discovery phase is the quality of thread for the stitching in your designer suit. Discovery is an opportunity to humanize quality and continuous improvement.




We work to hit the mark on the user's experience. Until we get into the head of your user, we won’t really know if we're designing the best solutions. 


Oh So Beautiful


Beauty over brain or brain over beauty? They look more appealing and less technical, but you won't have to compromise. 

Ready to get started?

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