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Unlimited Access to EVERYTHING. Exclusive custom websites and templates as well as complete packages with domain name and logo. We design custom Wix website templates for various industries for immediate purchase. When I create a new website or template, I add them here. Our exclusive ready-made websites range from $300 to $1500 and some include domain names and logo. Our custom, but non-exclusive templates range between $50 and $150.

Your website, your way.

You own your website.

Once purchased, you have 100% ownership of your new website.

You own your content.

You retain 100% ownership of your content. You wrote it, not us.

We do the heavy lifting.

We focus on creating website templates and one-of-a-kind Wix websites and you focus on launching your new website.

Custom website... are you serious?

You won't find our Wix templates anywhere else on the web. We design them from scratch.

Cheerleaders full time

We're dedicated to your success. Pom poms and everything.

$300 for a Custom Site? Really?


Getting designers unstuck.

As a Wix web designer, sometimes you need a little design inspiration to get your client's project on track.

You own your website.

Once purchased, you have 100% ownership of your new website.

If you’re building your website from scratch, it can be overwhelming: what colors should I choose? how big should the fonts be? How tall is a standard header? Do I use a border around my images or not?

Luckily, most website builders offer premade templates. And Wix has some of the best-looking ones out there. But is it really the best solution for you? Want a more custom look and feel?

share design ideas, lessons I’ve learned, and other takeaways that helped me grow as Wix web designer.

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